With Archaeologies of the Weird, I have begun a journey in a new direction. This blog used to be The Vinciolo Journal, a blog that began in 2013. A rebranding was in order, however, and you can see the results before you : a cleaner look and a new commitment to quality content. After my mandate as Managing Editor of Scrivener Creative Review wrapped up, I decided it was time to begin working on my blog again. You can still access all of the old blog’s content, but the new content will be quite different.

My new project, Archaeologies of the Weird, involves weekly reflections on each story in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s anthology The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories–all 110  of them, covering more than a hundred years of weird fiction writing. It promises to be fun.

I began The Vinciolo Journal in January 2013 with a post promising content of a literary and historical variety. The original concept behind The Vinciolo Journal was as a way to disseminate my ideas after finishing my Honours thesis. My greatest posts often attempted to unveil certain items of interest to the fantasist or historical fantasist–or even just the historian. Probably the most famous ever is Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted: Historical Reality and the Creation of the Myth behind Assassin’s Creed because of its popular appeal. A distant second in popularity is my treatment of the Marlowe assassination. In a whirlwind of ‘likes,’ another much beloved post is my review of Dracula by Bram Stocker.

Fantasy fiction, whether historical fantasy or weird fiction, is the perfect vehicle to subvert ideologies and restore our vision of the world. It is an escape that brings you home.


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